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Ingo Kalecinski and Tommaso Gimigliano continue their research and experimentations into wearable light, wellbeing and boundaries.

Their first creations represent a metaphor for a wearable aura of light, able to instil wellbeing and define the boundaries of a personal micro-cosmos of warmth and comfort. Stylistically this exercise concentrates on enhancing the beautiful minimalism and complexity of the lenses used in the lighting industry to collimate the light beam of the LED light sources. The lenses become gigantic precious stones mounted on an essential ring-like brass structure housing the battery and the light source as well.

Together with these first pieces both playful and serious styles have been combined, together with different colours of light in order to evoke many different feelings associated with the perception of the light and its empathic and metaphysical allegories of the frame of mind of people wearing them.


Both Tommaso and Ingo work as architectural lighting designers.
Alongside with this main activity Ingo is also a light artist
( ) and Tommaso a photographer
( )

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